What Kind of Girls Do Men Choose as Their Life Partners and Why?

Choosing a partner for life is a delicate matter that involves several nuances. Of course, everyone wants to have a decent person next to them, everyone has their criteria for their choice. 

What Are the Criteria for the Choice?

All the things men and women pay attention to in the first place are different. Therefore, girls are so interested to know how a man chooses his woman and how it works from the point of view of psychology.

Stages of Development of Relations in a Couple

It is no secret to psychologists that the stages of development of relationships in a couple go through the same stages as parent-child relationships. And if all the stages have been more or less passed with the parents, then there is a great chance to build a healthy relationship and be able to go through these stages in adulthood. There are only four stages of relationship development:


Without it, further trusting relationship between partners is impossible. This stage can be considered the foundation of the relationship. It is characterized by phrases with “we” and emphasis on “our” community. It is a sweet period; not for nothing in relationships, it is called the rose and candy stage. When the main goal of a partner is to conquer the other half, to devote a lot of time to each other, not to differ, and to do a lot for the partner. This period is very sweet, but it cannot last forever.