What Kind of Girls Do Men Choose as Their Life Partners and Why?

Choosing a partner for life is a delicate matter that involves several nuances. Of course, everyone wants to have a decent person next to them, everyone has their criteria for their choice. 

What Are the Criteria for the Choice?

All the things men and women pay attention to in the first place are different. Therefore, girls are so interested to know how a man chooses his woman and how it works from the point of view of psychology.

  • Aim

The choice depends on what goal the man pursues. If he chooses a mistress, physiology plays a crucial role. The smell is very important in this matter. And often a man chooses a woman by smell. It should be pleasant, and we are not talking about perfumes, but about the natural aroma of the body.

  • Appearance

Everyone’s tastes are different, but studies show that most men prefer women with wide hips, as this, like the fullness of the lips, speaks of fertility.

  • Care

Each of them, somewhere deep, is a boy who wants warmth and affection. Hence, the attraction of men to women who are similar to their mothers. Passion isn’t the main indicator for a long-term relationship. In this regard, men are looking for modest women who will make a good impression on friends and parents. They are attracted by feminine ladies, with whom it is easy, comfortable, whom he can confide in.

  • Age

Most men choose women who are several years younger. This is due to instincts — they like to feel the ability to attract younger ladies, subconsciously pushing away the thoughts of old age.Some guys (often young ones) are looking for older women. They are attracted by wisdom and experience. This often happens to those who, in childhood, received less maternal care. In an attempt to compensate for this, men choose women who look like mothers.

What Kind of Girls do Successful Men Prefer?

It is unlikely that any of the girls would not like to see a successful man next to them. It isn’t enough to be a long-legged beauty with the breast of the fourth size for this — your inner qualities are just as important. Psychologists summarize the basic requirements as follows:

  • Often they choose much younger girls, but, at the same time, are quite mature, ready to have a family and children.
  • The ability to cook and other household skills are not a must. Most likely, in such families, the housemaid will be responsible for this.
  • A successful guy doesn’t want to see a stupid woman next to him. She must be smart enough to keep the conversation going.
  • A lady should be well-groomed, attractive, but too artificial appearance scares off potential suitors.
  • A young man needs to be supported and inspired in his endeavors.

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