Expectations of Girls in Relationships With Men

Men often assume that girls want to date only wealthy, powerful, charismatic guys. But, firstly, it is not worth generalizing about other people, and, secondly, for women, there are more essential values in relationships than the representatives of the sterner sex think.

  • Time

You should devote as much time as possible to her. You may think that, first of all, she needs your money, and this becomes an excuse for the fact that you disappear at work for days. Yes, it is impossible to live without money. But your financial soundness loses all its power if she feels like you don’t want to find time for her. She will still choose the guy with whom she can spend her free hours, and not the person who will just throw money at her feet.

  • Respect

She has dignity and boundaries. And therefore, if you want respect for yourself, you need to treat her the same way. You should do everything so that she doesn’t have a single drop of doubt that you aren’t treating her as respectfully as she deserves. There is no true love between two people who don’t respect each other.

  • Persistence

Your relationship will go through many trials and difficulties. And it will not be that easy and pleasant walk, as many people think at the very beginning. Therefore, you need to remember that resilience is one of the most important factors in a successful relationship. If you develop this quality in yourself, it will allow you to always move forward and never give up, finding yourself in the slightest bump. You must show her that you are ready to overcome any difficulties that the two of you have to face.

  • Reliability

She will not want to be with you if she cannot trust your promises. Therefore, try to support all spoken words with actions.

  • Frankness

Surely, she would like to date a person who reveals to her when it comes to feelings and emotions. It is unlikely that she will appreciate it if she has to guess constantly how you really feel. You need to have enough courage not to be afraid to appear open and vulnerable to her. And then you can count on her to do the same for you.

  • Gratitude

Always express your gratitude to her. You do not want her to start thinking that you do not appreciate her efforts. Try to make her feel appreciated. Feel free to give thanks for everything she does for you and your relationship.

  • Stability

You should prove yourself as a consistent person who will stay by her side, even when the world around will collapse.

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