Expectations of Men in Relationships With Girls

In an ideal relationship, partners discuss all the nuances, and then there are much fewer disagreements. But are there many such couples? Most often, ladies have a question: “What does a man want from a woman?” And it is not always possible to get an answer from the man himself.

Psychology of Men

Representatives of the sterner sex are very proud that they were born that way. They are courageous, strong, and responsible. And they want to demonstrate this to their ladies, if they, of course, allow it. But in most cases, conflicts begin exactly when a woman begins to suppress these qualities. And this happens imperceptibly for the lady, but for the man it is painful.Men are very fond of giving gifts, flowers, inviting to a restaurant. They experience incredible pleasure from this. Thus, they show their financial viability and interest in the lady. This is inherent in their nature, and this is exactly what men want from women in relationships. But ladies often refuse this, especially when their love has been going on for more than a year. Often a woman herself persuades her husband to have dinner at home, and not in a restaurant. Logically, there are reasons for this:

  • small children who have no one to leave with;
  • financial difficulties;
  • depression and apathy.

But it should be understood that by refusing, you are pushing your husband to find a woman who will gladly accept courtship. You shouldn’t give such a chance to another. A man should feel admired. And for this, he is ready for many sacrifices. You just need to give him a little push. And you need to start not with requests and insults, but with admiration. The more you value your boyfriend, the more he will try.

Inviolable Territory

Here is another reason spouses fight so often. A man expects from a woman that she won’t encroach on his freedom. And this applies not only to hanging out with friends. When a girl herself chooses what a man will wear, what he will eat, and how much he will drink — this is all an invasion of personal space. Especially if for these purposes she uses hysteria and scandal.You don’t want the man to get drunk at the party tonight? Then promise him something that he will think about all evening. Don’t like his sweater? Hide it one fine morning. And when a man has to wear something different, be sure to admire him. The main thing is for the man to see that you are really delighted with his appearance. 

Qualities to be Possessed

Do you think that a man expects an act from a woman? But in fact, the opposite is true. Actions and deeds are his prerogatives. And if you are already pulling this strap yourself, be prepared that sooner or later you will also play the role of a man. The attitude towards a woman depends entirely on her behavior. If she is fragile and defenseless, there will be a strong man nearby.

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